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Malt Whiskers - Only Remembered - 18 tracks of music and song

Staten Island/Soldiers Joy/The Fairy Dance/Mrs McCleod’s Reel (4.25) Traditional/Traditional/Nathanial Gow/Irish Traditional
You Belong To Me (3.02)
Chiltern Price, Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart
When The Fleet Comes Home (4.26)
Rob Clarke
Sheebeg and Sheemore (3.21)
Turlough O’Carolan
Working Man (4.31)
Rita MacNeil, Arr. R Thompson
Windy Harbour (3.49)
Pete Abbott
Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre/Fiery Clockface (2.53)
Scottish Traditional/Traditional
Eldorado (6.17)
Graeme Miles
Fiddle Hill Jig/New Rigged Ship ((3.28)
Ralph Page/ Scottish Tradiitional
Don’t Close Your Eyes (3.38)
Keith Whitley
If I Had A Son (6.18)
Phil Millichip
Dunphy’s Hornpipe/Gypsy Hornpipe (3.21)
Irish Traditional/Traditional
Four Score and Ten ((5.53)
Rob Clarke
Leaving The Land (4.51)
Eric Bogle
Balquidder Lasses/The Earl Of Mansfield (4.06)
Traditional/John McEwan
Dublin In My Tears (4.34)
Brendan Phelan
Roseville Fair (4.26)
Bill Staines
Only Remembered (3.43)
Sankey Arr. J Tams & H Brough

A recurring theme of remembering the past runs through the songs, epitomised by the title track, Only Remembered!
"Only remembered for what we have done" - the mining industry, the fishing industry, farming, generations of family, our hometowns - all of these are memories!
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